The Floral Françoise Dress

This dress had been in the works for a while now. Not because it’s a difficult pattern, but rather because I haven’t had too many blocks of free time long enough to pound out an item of clothing at once.

The dress, once having sorted out the size difference between my shoulders and my hips, was surprisingly easy to make.  Sure, the various darts took some finagling to get even, and the back shoulders ended up being too big across my upper back, but the cotton fabric was easy to work with and I never had a problem with my needle choice, thread tension, or my iron.  It was almost to good to be true!

I’m considering adding contrast cuffs and bands to the sleeves and hem, I just need to find the right fabric color (same color pink as the zipper)  Maybe I’ll add a collar as well?  Not so sure on that part yet, don’t think I’ll look good in a collar.

This dress is a 1960s dream!  And because of that, I figured I’d just add this little gem for you to enjoy…

Perhaps I’ll make one out of flannel at some point, for wearing in winter…


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