My Natural Hair Care Journey — 6 mo.

For a while now I’ve been on the natural hair-care journey, trying to find the right products for my hair (thin, wavy, oily).  First I went the baking soda wash route, but found my scalp was not pleased with that idea.  Despite my desire to be a better citizen of the earth, I just couldn’t give up my shower foamy products, so I turned to raw soap, which I ended up loving.  I began with W.S. Badger Co., a company that I am utterly smitten with, but when they announced a temporary cease of their soap sales I knew there was only one place to turn: making my own soap (dun dun duhhhh).  Yes, daunting, I know.  But I could only stare at the soap calculator on my screen for so long before diving in.  And the end result was MAGICAL.  Gorgeous lather, softly scented minty bar, and happy scalp.

While in Germany for a week, running on fumes and few showers.

Next came the rinse.  Soap is alkaline, and our body wants really badly to be a neutral pH (similar stuff with teeth and gums also: acidic mouth = more decay, alkaline mouth = more tartar).  So you need to follow up with an acidic rinse.  For me, the rinses I made were too acidic.  I’m fairly certain most of my body has a pH below 7, so the soap took care of most of the neutralizing of my hair (or so I scientifically speculate based on several experiments I did).  So I mixed up a new one, replacing the acid component (vinegar, lemon juice, citric acid) with raw cranberry juice (the really sour stuff with no water or sugar added) instead.  I’m 2 weeks into this rinse and my hair has honestly never been happier.

Damn fine hairbrush.

The final step was new for me — I have rarely ever had hair long enough to need brushing or combing, and I had no idea where to start, especially now with the whole natural care routine I had!  After a looooot of research I found out about boar bristle brushes and wooden combs.  More specifically, I found out about how wonderful they are, and how to use them properly (tutorial video below):

You can order the brush for thick hair or for thin hair (like I have).  It’s probably one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

My biggest challenge yet is styling, and finding the right products to give me all of the hold and smoothing and none of the greasies that pomade tends to bring.  I think I may have concocted my first solution, which I’ll be discussing later.

Anyways, with these three things, I have finally found my healthiest hair possible!  Personally, I don’t need to add conditioner to my hair since it’s so oily to begin with, but if you do, I recommend a Badger Hair Oil, or take the leap and brew your own conditioner!


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