The Coral Coco Shirt!

When I found this fabric, I fell in love with the feel and the look of it.  A gorgeous bright coral pink + a super smooth and snuggly ponte knit = the most perfect fabric in the world!  

Ahh, fits so well! (Ignore the awkward hand)

Of course, I knew what it meant for me: a brand new Coco!  I always jump on any opportunity to make this pattern, as I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, and I certainly didn’t hesitate to make this top.  Well, I did hesitate, but that was only to determine what Coco hack I wanted to do with this fabric!  Also a great opportunity to add more solid color pieces to my wardrobe (what can I say, I love polka dots!)

Love the shape of the neckline!

While I was strongly considering the short sleeved version for a while, I moved on from there and embraced the long sleeves because the fabric was a little thinner and perfect for a transition season like autumn.

That color! *swoon*

I toyed with the idea of making a boat+V-neck for this top but then decided to reserve that style for a black shirt with (maybe?) some white trim.  Really play into the elegance of the style.  So instead of a V-neck, I went with a square neck (more like an emerald cut neckline to me), achieved by cutting the shoulders in an extra 2 inches on each side, and then adding small pleats to the front neck where I wanted the corner to be.

Dem pleats

It was a brilliant move on my part, and not the first time I had done it.  After botching a different Coco (story coming later) and fixing up an old Coco, I used this same pleat method to create new necklines.  I really like it!

Contrast stitching and some nice, neat shoulder seams!

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