Cinnamon Chai Latte Soap

Inspired by autumn and fueled by my love for all things chai, I decided to mix up a batch of spicy, sweet, cinnamon soap.

After my first batch of soap turned out a bit too smelly from the huge amount of silk peptides I added (whoops), I cut back on the silk and aloe concentrate in this batch.  So far, the results (me just sniffing the raw soap as its curing) are much less smelly.

Wee travel/sample soaps made from the ugly ends

I wanted to really make this soap stand out (since my last batch was a super basic green color with no fun at all) so I divided the batch into 1/3 and 2/3 volume (approximately).  The 2/3 I turned brown and scrubby using ground cinnamon and brown iron oxide.  I also threw in some bronze mica for some fun.  The cinnamon turned the soap almost red!  The top bit I left uncolored to imitate the foamy top of a frothy latte drink.

Look at the nice, foamy top!

Once these were blended and scented (benzoin, cassia, ginger, cardamom, clove, bergamot) I poured the brown blend into my soap mold and layered the white blend on top.  Finally, I topped it off with some bronze mica, brown oxide, and ground cinnamon.

Love the sparkle!

The finished product looks and smells like a lovely cup of autumn topped with a dash of cinnamon.  I love the result!


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