The Science Behind Nail Polish

I found this article when doing some research on my favorite nail polish brand, OPI.  Being a green-conscious scientist, I wanted to know what it was that I was really putting on my hands, and more importantly, where the ingredient may have come from (i.e. I try to avoid palm products because of the deforestation issues surrounding them).

From Zaega:

Now, I’m no different than anyone else out there who loves a manicure / pedicure.  Few things make us girls feel better than this ritual of primping and showing off shiny red toenails in a cute pair of sandals.  But, recent attention given to the ingredients found in nail polishes and polish removers, not to mention the chemicals used to create artificial nails, have made many women forgo the nail salon for fear of filling their lungs and bodies with the toxic stuff we generally try to steer clear of on a daily basis.

In any case, I’m definitely going to keep using OPI, which does indeed steer clear of the “Big 3” of bad ingredients to use.


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