The Flannel Arielle

This was supposed to be easy.  

I had made this pattern once before and had very few slip-ups.  Surely this one couldn’t have been much more complicated, right?  It wasn’t, I was just obviously not on my A-game.  I spend HOURS trying to fix the hem, because somehow, even after all that careful measuring, I ended up with one side being 6 INCHES longer than the other.  How does that even happen?

Of course I didn’t realise the length difference until I had finished hemming the entire thing and put it on.  Good job, Sarah.

But after I went to bed and finished the job the next morning, I found the fix relatively simple, and was done in just a few minutes.  The result?  A comfy, classy, cozy flannel skirt with gold buttons(!) perfect for a winter in Maine.  Also, it’s lined!


One thought on “The Flannel Arielle

  1. Great skirt, I’m thinking I might have a go at this pattern as I don’t need any extra bulk on my mum tum, the fastening down the side looks great and so lovely in flannel.

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