The Flannel Rosa

So it’s been a while.  When you spend all of your days working on a thesis and research, you don’t really have a lot of time to spend making things.  But after a few weeks of small amounts of sewing here and there, I finally finished my Rosa!

This back yoke was totally not supposed to have a pleat but it does anyways.

This shirt was definitely on the more time-consuming side, taking several days to put it all together (minus all the days in between when I didn’t work on it).  But I did work slowly since it was my first time sewing this pattern.

This fabric is a lovely soft flannel, but not as thick as I expected it would be.  It’s still super comfy, but it also pills up a bunch (you can see it in the close-up photo).

Too short in the front

I was having trouble with the hem — it kept pulling away from the shirt and flaring outward, so I rolled it up a second time and stitched it again, but I think it made the shirt too short.  I will probably unroll it and see how it behaves after a wash before I try to fix it again.  Maybe it just needs a good roll in a hot dryer!


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