The Pink and Blue Zadie

So this was the first kit that I purchased, and I really liked doing it that way!  Trying to find good apparel fabric is difficult here where I live (since every store only seems to sell quilting fabric) and trying to buy fabric online is always a 50/50 gamble.

When drawing out the pattern onto my tracing paper, I decided to edit it a tad.  First I wanted to make sure the skirt was flared enough to accommodate a petticoat underneath.  Second, I wanted to drop the waist and take in the sides to create a more “fit and flare” shape to the dress.  I didn’t do this perfectly…  Turns out trying to change the waist was the most difficult part, because the pivot points didn’t end up matching when and where they were supposed to.  I also had to take in the waist more at the end, because it was still sagging quite a bit when I finished.

Zadie with a petticoat underneath and a belt on top
I’m thinking I’ll wash the dress to make the elastic snap back, and then try it on again to see if I need to take it in anywhere else.  Something tells me the waist and shoulders will need some adjustments, but we’ll see.  In any case, this dress is insanely comfortable and has enormous pockets that I LOVE.

Also I had leftover striped fabric and made it into a headband 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Pink and Blue Zadie

  1. Your dress looks fab, love the pop of colour and stripes. I find it so hard to buy fabric too, buying a kit sounds like a great option.

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