The Colorful Fifi Pajama Set

I’d been putting off this sewing project for a while, probably because it seems to be a lot more difficult than it actually is.  And also because I’m lazy.

But this pajama set is one of my best sewing decisions yet, I think.  It’s perfect for the upcoming hot and humid summer and was quite comfy to actually sleep in as well!  The biggest issues I had were merely superficial ones, which is promising.  I had issues with the binding because I didn’t read the instructions well enough, and I had issues with the strap length, which was solved with a few rounds of stitching and unpicking to find the right length for me.

Though the instructions don’t include a binding for the shorts, I find I like the look of it better — and the binding helps keep the shorts from stretching out and coming up my butt while I’m sleeping.  But it’s just a personal preference of mine.

The final set was lovely to sleep in.  I normally hate wearing clothes to bed because I toss and turn so much I usually end up tangled in my clothes or overheating because of the foam mattress.  But this was quite lovely!  The lightweight rayon I chose for my fabric breathes well and the binding is nowhere near as itchy as I was expecting it to be.  All in all, a wonderfully surprising sewing expedition.  I want to make the matching eye mast, but I don’t know where to find wadding, and I don’t currently own satin. Next time I’m in town I guess I’ll check Jo-Ann’s, but they’ve been pretty empty up here as of late.

I’d love to make this again, with purple binding and gray jersey fabric.  Just need to find the fabric, now!


2 thoughts on “The Colorful Fifi Pajama Set

  1. Looks great! Just FYI, wadding is the same as quilt batting…so Jo-Anns should have it! It is usually polyester or cotton, and is sold in a roll. It is like polyester fiber-fill, but it is in more of sheet format, so easier for the eyemask project. 🙂

  2. They look fab!! Love the fabric (I’m a big rayon fan!) fold over elastic would work well for a jersey pair instead of binding, I find it easier than binding too.

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