“don’t tell me I ‘don’t need’ makeup” — Humblebee & Me

A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook asking for resources to learn how to better apply her makeup. This friend is a lovely, radiant, confident young woman, so I was pretty irked when I saw over half the replies were some variation on “you look so much better without makeup!” and “you don’t need…

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Cranberry Clay Facial Scrub — Humblebee & Me

Well, I do need a new facial scrub soon… but I don’t have cranberry seeds.  I’m sure I could just use oatmeal!

As the days get drier, I am loving this soft, silky cranberry clay facial scrub that’s lightly studded with wee bits of bashed-up cranberry seeds for a touch of exfoliation. It has a low, creamy lather that leaves your skin glowing, gently buffing away any dead, dry skin. With added coconut milk powder and rosebuds,…

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10 Recipes to Make with Shea Butter — Humblebee & Me

Shea butter is amazing, and makes for wonderful winter lip balm!

I can’t remember if shea butter was the third or the fifth ingredient I discovered. I know it was somewhere after argan oil and beeswax, but well before mango butter and pumpkin seed oil. I got my first wee tub at Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market. Meredith and I split a $20 container (that might’ve been…

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